Highlights - WCGroup/LSSA Activities 2010-2021

Dates Description
2021, April 12 CN/WC Divestiture: STB Dockets FD 36503/36504, file Petition to Revoke and Stay Exemption and For Classification as “Significant” Pursuant to49 CFR Part 1180.
2021, Mar. 30 Northwoods Rail: Review CN/Watco transaction announcement; email notices to NRTC Executive Committee re CN/Watco announcement, advice for shipper and NRTC deferring on requests for letters of support; notices to Michigan Forest Products Council.
2021, Mar. 26 Northwoods Rail: Communications with NRTC Executive Committee re upcoming activity Q2-Q3 2021, potential funding.
2021, Mar. 2 LSSA DCC: Extended discussion with Chair re transition and UP MI shipper contacts.
2021, Mar. 1 Northwoods Rail: Exchanges with NRTC Vice Chair re Ashland line.
2021, Feb. 26 Northwoods Rail: Consider Dresser/Almena, 30-mile reconnection to complete Hwy 8 Rail Corridor, funding potential; advice to NRTC Executive Committee.
2021, Feb. 25 WisDOT: Consult re pending and in progress FRIIP Intermodal grants, CN/WC Divestiture implications and question Northwoods Rail: Consider Dresser/Almena, 30-mile reconnection to complete Hwy 8 Rail Corridor, funding potential; advice to NRTC Executive Committee.
2021, Feb. 25 LSSA DCC Project: Exchanges with Chair re transitioning, introductions of new representatives.
2021, Jan. 19 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Zoom extended discussion with consultant re geographic scope and shorter/short-haul intermodal, rail line corridor imperative.
2021, Jan. 12, 13 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Communication with consultant, transmit background information; participation in Steering Committee online meeting.
2020, Dec. 14 WI Freight Rail Customer Alliance: Participate in Zoom meeting, recommendation to M. Oberman to be STB Chair.
2020, Dec. 11 Northwoods Rail: Comments for NRTC meeting.
2020, Dec.9, 11, 13 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Exchanges with consultant, advice on defining meaning of “intermodal”.
2020, Dec. 8 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Steering Committee online meeting.
2020, Dec. 4 Northwoods Rail: Extended discussion with NRTC Vice Chair re Ashland and White Pine lines.
2020, Dec. 3 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Online kickoff meeting, core group.
2020, Nov. 10 WisDOT Annual Freight Railroad Conference.
2020, Nov. 2 CN/WC Divestiture: Develop “Past is Prologue” for “Grassroots Local Credentials for Responding to CN Divestiture”
2020, Oct. 16 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Participate in preliminary consultant RFP response evaluations, comment, abstain from ranking and voting.
2020, Oct. 12 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Review RFP response and participate in interview of a prospective consultant.
2020, Oct. 9 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Review RFP response and participate in interview of a prospective consultant.
2020, Oct. 7 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Review proposals and participate in interviews of consultants.
2020, Oct. 2 Northwoods Rail: Consultation re NRTC organization and related.
2020, Sept. 30 Northwoods Rail: Respond to questions from Great Lakes Timber Professionals Assoc.
2020, Sept. 25 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Steering Committee Zoom re assessment of RFP responses.
2020, Sept. 18 CN/WC Divestiture: Extended discussion with shipper, WI and Upper MI locations.
2020, Sept. 17 CN/WC Divestiture: Munising – Trout Lake line, discussion with local shippers.
2020, Sept. 15 CN/WC Divestiture: Exchanges with shipper stakeholders, potential rail operator.
2020, Sept. 8 CN/WC Divestiture: Consult with WisDOT.
2020, Sept. 7 CN/WC Divestiture: Update to NRTC Executive Committee.
2020, Aug. 23 CN/WC Divestiture: Draft “Alternative” to CN Plan.
2020, Aug. 21-22 CN/WC Divestiture: Prepare “Considerations” for responding to CN Plan.
2020, Aug. 18 CN/WC Divestiture: Research groups interested in Central WI Cluster.
2020, Aug. 3-4 CN/WC Divestiture: Advice from CN representatives, Buchanan and Lloyd, affirmation of “closed-door” RFP process; communication to WCG/LSSA shippers and other stakeholders; consult with WisDOT.
2020, July 28 CN Perspective on Intermodal: Zoom session, presentation on “How CN Views Development of Intermodal & Intermodal Terminals”.
2020, July 24 CN/WC Divestiture: Advice from CN re role of investment banker and working group; advice on potential push back from shippers and other stakeholder re a “closed-door” process.
2020, July 21 CN/WC Divestiture: Notice from CN re “Wisconsin – Northern Michigan Branch Line Proposed Divestiture”.
2020, July 14 WisDOT Northwoods Rail Assessment: Circulate WisDOT pre-RFP invitation re line sale opportunities to shippers and other stakeholders.
2020, July 8 LSSA Data Co-op Project: Communication to shipper participants re next steps, Actionable Shipper Data mode, potential New Richmond, WI CN intermodal site.
2020, July 7 Actionable Shipper Data: Zoom presentation to select key shipper participant; invitation to CN to schedule participation in Zoom presentation.
2020, June 27 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Exchanges re Advisory Committee and scope of work.
2020, June 21 Northwoods Rail: Re-issue updated version of “Start-Up” intermodal; create one-pager on Rail Infrastructure Investment and Operation Planning for WCG/LSSA website.
2020, June 20-21 Comprehensive update on rail projects Summer 2020, assemble and update.
2020, June 17 Actionable Shipper Data: Zoom presentation including representatives of MN and WI DOTs, ECWRPC, select shipper participants.
2020, June 16 Actionable Shipper Data: Zoom presentation rehearsal session.
2020, June 15 A CN Perspective on Intermodal: Organize participation by WisDOT Rail Advisor.
2020, June 15, 16 WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project Potential, Shorter/Short-Haul Intermodal: Review FRIIP-Intermodal application rules and WCGroup/LSSA Rail Line Corridors map, working examples.
2020, June 8 Actionable Shipper Data: Assemble and circulate invitation to Zoom presentation.
2020, June 8 Northwoods Rail: Shipper follow-up on USDOT ROUTES program.
2020, June 5, 6 NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Invitation to MN DOT re Actionable Shipper Data, research background, MN DOT Freight Advisory Committee.
2020, June 1, 4 WisDOT Northwoods Rail Assessment: Provide information to WisDOT and WisDOT Rail Advisors re LSSA/MITech Data Co-op Report, further research commercial availability of Actionable Shipper Data to assist WisDOT on responding to anticipated line sale; communications with WisDOT.
2020, May 28-30 WisDOT Northwoods Rail Assessment: Follow-up on key shipper responses.
2020, May 27, 29 NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Potential interest of MN DOT re participation in the project I-90/94 Rail Line Corridor, discussion with WisDOT.
2020, May 26, 28 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Comments re scope of work.
2020, May 26 NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Online meeting with Wisconsin Counties Association re potential contribution to match funding.
2020, May 23, 25 NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Research and contact re Sheboygan Edgewater site.
2020, May 12 WisDOT Northwoods Rail Assessment: Follow-up exchanges with shippers re questionnaire responses.
2020, May 2-11 NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Multiple exchanges re match funding and related.
2020, April 25-29 WisDOT Northwoods Rail Assessment: Edit Confidentiality Agreement; draft instructions for questionnaire responses; arrange for website postings; exchanges with WisDOT Rail Advisors; facilitate email distribution.
2020, April 22 Develop information federal funding fair share and ROUTES; circulate, post to WCG/LSSA website.
2020, April 21-24 WisDOT Northwoods Rail Assessment: Multiple exchanges with WisDOT and WisDOT rail advisors on proposed questionnaire.
2020, April 20 Respond to CN/WC, share Comprehensive Rail Projects Update – Spring 2020.
2020, April 16, 18 WisDOT Northwoods Rail Assessment: Consult with WisDOT on assistance communicating with shippers; review and comment on proposed questionnaire.
2020, April 11-17 Comprehensive update on rail projects Spring 2020 assembled, edited.
2020, April 10-11 WisDOT Northwood Rail Study: Review background, WisDOT expert rail advisors on potential line sales and related advice.
2020, April 8 WisDOT Northwoods Rail Assessment: Consult with WisDOT on assistance.
2020, Mar. 30 NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Study Project: Follow-up exchanges re receipt of WisDOT grant award.
2020, Mar. 25 LSSA/MITech DCC: Exchanges re final report, posting on LSSA website.
2020, Mar. 7 WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal: Further solicitation of shipper contributions to matching funds.
2020, Feb. 27 WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal: Develop concept for Confidentiality, Data Security and Antitrust Compliance for Actionable Shipper Data.
2020, Feb. 24 NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Study Project: Receive shipper contribution to matching funds.
2020, Feb. 21 WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Projects: Consults re shorter/short-haul intermodal; further solicitation of matching funds and update WisDOT re funding issues.
2020, Feb. 20 At WI Railroad Association, Freight Rail Day 2020, Madison, contacts and discussions: WisDOT Secretary Thompson; ECWRPC re WI FRIIP-Intermodal grant application; potential consultant re shorter/short-haul intermodal; representative of WI railroads, WisDOT and Wisconsin Counties Association.
2020, Feb. 19 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Consult re 41/141 Rail Line Corridor concept.
2020, Feb. 16 ECWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Project: Communications with sponsors and scheduling.
2020, Feb. 13 Communications re alternative shorter/short-haul intermodal and potential role of a “classic co-op shippers association”.
2020, Feb. 12 At Green Bay, presentation to shipper representatives re Data Co-op Project background and Phase II opportunities.
2020, Feb. 11 At Green Bay, for LSSA DCC, meeting with former STB official re “rail line corridors” focus, trackage rights and other competitive access tools, data projects
2020, Feb. 10

NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Study Project: Communications soliciting shipper contributions to matching funds.

2020, Feb. 8 NCWRPC WisDOT FRIIP Intermodal Study Project: Assist with organization, discussion re shipper contributions to matching funds.
2020, Feb. 5 At WisDOT, Madison, consultation re upcoming rail project activity.
2020, Feb. 5 Focus Group: Call-in meeting, discussion re strategy and third-party legislative advocacy.
2020, Feb. 4 Focus Group: Circulate invitation and meeting topics outline.
2020, Feb. 2 Deliver selected shipper contact information to WisDOT.
2020, Jan. 31 Memorandum to LSSA DCC Chair re potential data custodian and aggregator, follow-up on 1/21/2020 meeting.
2020, Jan. 28 Communications with WisDOT re shipper contact information, email LSSA DCC participants re same.
2020, Jan. 24 Edit Rail Line Corridors map, strategy objectives development.
2020, Jan 21 At TitletownTech, Green Bay, LSSA Data Co-op Committee meeting, potential Phase II Data Co-op Project, pending report from MITech on Phase I.
2020, Jan 20 At Green Bay, discussion with Breakthrough re scope and availability of Actionable Shipper Data.
2019, Dec. 30 LSSA DCC preparation for final Phase I report meeting, draft outline "LSSA Data Co-Op Project Phase II 2020-2021, Strategic Goal, Immediate Objectives, Funding Sources and Uses".
2019, Dec. 3 WisDOT FRIIP-Intermodal, follow-up with WisDOT on grant funding application deadline.
2019, Nov. 21 WisDOT Freight Advisory Committee, presentation on LSSA DCC Project, Actionable Shipper Data, Confidentiality and Antitrust Compliance structure.
2019, Oct. 18 Northwoods Rail Transit Commission, meeting, canceled, circulate meeting report to NRTC Executive Committee, WisDOT and CN; consultation with CN.
2019, Sept. 17 Rail Line Transformation Committees, introduce concept, website posting.
2019, Aug. 23 Senators McBroom & Tiffany rail public hearing, briefing to Sen. Tiffany and related, support for shipper participation.
2019, Aug. 6 Michigan Rail Conference, review and comment on Michigan Tech. LSSA DCC Project report presentation.
2019, Aug. 1 NRTC Executive Committee, report on exchanges regarding Price County.
2019, July 30 NRTC participation, exchanges with Price County, WI Board Chair.
2019, July 26 Northwoods Rail Transit Commission meeting (call-in), LSSA DCC Project update.
2019, July 22-23 LSSA DCC Project Report, Phase I, suggested edits to draft Michigan Tech. Report.
2019, July 11-12 Michigan Forest Products Council, draft top 3 policy priorities.
2019, July 3 Consultation with CN regarding discontinuance applications.
2019, June 13 NRTC Chair, exchanges regarding public funding for rail bridges.
2019, May 23 WMC Transportation Committee call-in with Rep. Gallagher and Senator Petrowski, Safe Routes Act and WI transportation funding.
2019, May 10 Northwoods Rail Transit Commission meeting (call-in) and follow-up.
2019, May 8-9 Wis. Stats. § 85.08 Freight Railroad Assistance Program, edits markup, draft amendments.
2019, May 6 Data Co-op Committee, project update Michigan Tech. and participant call-in.
2019, April 27 Review Wis. Stat. § 85.08 Freight Railroad Assistance Program, potential modifications, consult with WMC and CN.
2019, April 22 "Northwoods Rail System Restoration" concept introduced to NRTC and CN, clarification on WisDOT intermodal "Overview"; modified per consultation with CN.
2019, April 21 "Strategic Vision - Northwoods Rail System Restoration," draft prepared and circulated.
2019, Mar. 11 Call to action, Campaign 2019-2020.
2019, Jan. 30 Lake States Shippers Association ("LSSA") Data Co-op Committee ("DCC"), MI Tech call-in.
2019, Jan. 18 LSSA DCC joint meeting with Northwoods Rail Transit Commission, at Rhinelander, Great Lakes Timber Professionls Association.
2018, Nov. 30 Focus Group Call-In, discussion re Campaign 2019-2020, event scheduling.
2018, Nov. 28 At Madison, with NRTC Chair, consultation with WisDOT economic development and rail and harbors staff.
2018, Nov. 27 At Madison, with NRTC Chair, consultation with Wisconsin Counties Association, WI Manufacturers & Commerce.
2018, Nov. 13 At Madison, participate in WisDOT Annual Rail Conference, networking.
2018, Nov. 6

At Escanaba, Lake States Shippers Association, Data Co-op Committee meeting, update on MI Tech Data Co-op Project, explore multiple uses for aggregated data, expanding number of years in the data base, consideration of recommendation for Campaign 2019-2020.

2018, Oct. 26

At Rhinelander, update and consultation with Henry Schienebeck, Executive Director, Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association, WI and MI DOT relationships, legislating greater flexibility for targeted local funding and matching funds for Northwoods rail projects.

2018, Oct. 26

At Rhinelander, participate in meeting of the Northwoods Rail Transit Commission, general updates and review recommendations for WCGroup/LSSA Campaign 2019-2020.

2018, Oct. 9

At Madison, participate in Governor's Freight Industry Summit, contacts with WisDOT officials, circulate draft of " Un-Balkanize/Reintegrate Great Lakes Forests Wood Fiber Market, Re-Connect the Great Lakes Forests Region Rail Network".

2018, Oct. 3

At Washington, D.C., participate in "Railroads + Shippers = Solutions" event; follow-up contacts with CN and Genesee & Wyoming regarding gearing up for Campaign 2019-2020.

2018, Sept. 19

At Park Falls, WI, presentation to Price County Economic Development Corporation, " Challenges and Opportunities, Northwoods Railroading & Jobs - We're Not Fly-Over Country, and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore!"

2018, Sept. 13

At WMC Madison, participate in WMC Transportation Committee meeting with WisDOT Secretary Ross and Deputy Secretary Seitz, circulate an initial draft of "Challenges and Opportunities, Northwoods Railroading & Jobs - We're Not Fly-Over Country, and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore!"

2018, Sept. 5 LSSA DCC meeting.
2018, Aug. 30 LSSA Focus Group call-in meeting.
2018, July 20 Northwoods Rail Transit Commission ("NRTC"), attend in-person meeting at Great Lakes Timber Producers Assoc., Rhinelander.
2018, July 17 LSSA DCC in-person status meeting at Greeen Bay.
2018, July 16 Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad, in-person consultation at Green Bay.
2018, June 25 Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad, in-person consultation at Green Bay.
2018, May 30 LSSA DCC data assembly and analysis "Progress Meeting" scheduled with Michigan Tech project team, loacation to be announced.
2018, May 4 Lake States Shippers Association Focus Group call-in meeting: Reports on status, data collection, participation issues; anticipation of second phase of Michigan Technological University ("Michigan Tech") data project; funding, consideration of grant funding.
2018, April 18 Northwoods Rail Transit Commission call-in meeting: Consideration of grant funding options, shipper outreach.
2018, April 4 LSSA Data Co-op Committee call-in meeting: Pasi Lautala report, update on data collection, Q&A; continue follow-up on data delivery.
2018, Feb. 9 LSSA DCC kick-off meeting for data assembly, at Louisiana-Pacific, near Sagola, MI.
2018, Jan. 5 LSSA DCC: Confirmaton of funding for Michigan Tech data project, by Michigan Economic Development Corporation through Alger County, MI, a Northwoods Rail Transit Commission member.
2017, Oct. 24 STB AB 303-49X, WCL Notice for exemption for Rhinelander-Goodman out-of-service designation: File Petition for Clarification and/or Resconsideration on behalf of Northwoods Rail Transit Commission and Wisconsin Central Group.
2017, Oct. 23 Review data collection formats and questions and Michigan Tech Confidentiality Agreement.
2017, Oct. 16 NRTC, call-in meeting, address questions re STB AB 303-49X, WCL Notice for Exemption for Rhinelander-Goodman out-of-service designation.
2017, Oct. 5 Steering Committee, Focus Group call-in: Update and consideration of funding options.
2017, Sept. 25 Circulate for comment, draft Confidentiality Agreement, Michigan Tech and LSSA for collection and aggregation of Actionable Shipper Data.
2017, Sept. 21 At Green Bay, initial meeting of LSSA DCC, review draft Confidentiality Agreement and adopt plan for collaboration with Michigan Tech, Houghton, for assembly and analysis of actionable shipper data for Logs and other freight originating and/or terminating in the Great Lakes Forests Region.
2017, Aug. 25 Escanaba 3/16/2017, Focus Group call-in, maps transition to LSSA, organizational structure and scheduling initial LSSA DCC meeting.
2017, July 19 Traverse City, MI: Forest products stakeholders meeting re means of assembling and co-operative use of Actionable Shipper Data to achieve transportation efficiencies and promote rail competition for non-captive, truck competitive freight.
2017, July 11 At Lake Geneva, Midwest Association of Rail Shippers, consultation with CN/WC representative re nature of potential transaction involving CN/WC northwoods rail lines lease or sale.
2017, June 22 WisDOT Secretary Ross and Governor’s staff, briefing on potential intervention in CN/WC northwoods rail lines lease or sale.
2017, June 12 Escanaba 3/16/2017, per Focus Group confirm update of Lake States Shipper Association website and Antitrust Compliance Guidelines.
2017, June 7 Escanaba 3/16/2017, Focus Group call-in, begin follow-up on Action Agenda.
2017, May 23 Escanaba 3/16/2017, Focus Group call-in, finalize and promulgate “Competitive Freight Rail for the Great Lakes Forests Region, An Action Agenda.”
2017, May 19 NRTC meeting, participate online.
2017, May 11 Escanaba 3/16/2017, draft “Action Agenda” circulated for comments from participants.
2017, May 9
2017, April 13
Escanaba 3/16/2017, Focus Group call-in sessions, conversion “Consensus Outline” into “Action Agenda”.
2017, Mar 28 Escanaba 3/16/2017, "Consensus Outline, Conclusions, Next Steps" circulated for comments.
2017, Mar. 16 Escanaba 3/16/2017, Michigan/Wisconsin Forests Freight Advocacy Coordination Meeting.
2017, Mar. 9 WisDOT Secretary Ross, Deputy Secretary Seitz, Asst. Deputy Secretary Esser, consultation meeting.
2017, Feb. 15 Escanaba 3/16/2017, Michigan/Wisconsin Forests Freight Advocacy Coordination Meeting, organize and circulate draft invitations.
2017, Jan. 27 NRTC meeting, participate online.
2017, Jan. 25 Consultation with Wisconsin Counties Association (cancelled due to snow emergency); endorse CN comments on NRTC legislative contacts draft.
2017, Jan. 24 AF&PA Transportation Subcommittee, participate in conference call, potential infrastructure and CMV productivity gain.
2016, Dec. 12 Circulate talking points on potential federal infrastructure initiative, opportunity for CMV productivity gain (size, weight, configuration), potential association with incentives for highway-to-rail and rail intermodal freight conversions, share with AF&PA Transportation Subcommittee.
2016, Nov. 17 WCGroup Steering Committee, consideration of 2017 agenda and projects.
2016, Nov. 14-16 WisDOT Annual Rail Conference, consultations with short line operators, other stakeholders.
2016, Oct. 24 CN consultation re "CN WCGroup Collaboration - Next," begin stand down.
2016, Sept. 30 At Homewood, consultation with CN re future Advisory Board interests, options.
2016, Sept. 13 Communicate to CN consensus request on CN Advisory Board agenda.
2016, Aug. 16-18 At Marquette, MI 4th Annual Michigan Rail Conference attendance and networking.
2016, July 26 WCGroup comments in STB EP 704-1 (exemptions revocation), anticipated filing.
2016, July 19 Circulate draft agenda update "Moving in New Directions" and "Action Options".
2016, July 12 At Midwest Rail Shippers Association, Lake Geneva, WI, consultation with key stakeholders, input for draft WCG agenda update and scoping regional and branch lines perspectives map and action options
2016, June 29 WCGroup agenda update task group, stakeholder input conference call.
2016, June 24 Northwoods Rail Transit Commission ("NRTC") meeting (via video conference).
2016, May 12 Receive CN comments on WCG Stakeholder/Steering Committee draft "Moving in a New Direction?".
2016, May 5 At Hill Farms, Madison, meeting with WisDOT re federal funding options for infrastructure and log cars.
2016, April 28 NRTC conference call, debriefing on CN/NRTC 4/20/2016 meeting.
2016, April 20 At Stevens Point, CN/NRTC senior management meeting (scheduled).
2016, March 24 WCGroup Agenda 2016Q1 concluded, forward agenda for 2016 pending CN/NRTC meeting.
2016, March 21 CN/NRTC meeting, questions updated.
2016, March 16 NRTC conference call reviews "questions" and priorities for CN/NRTC senior management meeting.
2016, Feb. 23 Meeting with WisDOT Railroads and Harbors Section, at WMC. Discussion re challenges of northwoods line preservations (network in addition to branch perspective) and log cars.
2016, Jan. 29 Northwoods Rail Transit Commission Meeting - Adopted resolution supporting SB305/AB458 log car funding. Discussion reviewed USDOT TIGER VII debriefing, CN's response to request to meet senior management, CN's request NRTC "prioritize" line segments. Set committee to prepare for CN/NRTC meeting. Concluded to pass on TIGER VIII grant application (due 4/29/2016) for log cars.
Jan. 15
Consultation with stakeholders, set WCGroup agenda for 2016Q1.
2015, Nov. 30 Debriefing with USDOT on unsuccessful 2015 TIGER VII application - received suggestions for enhancing the application, specifically, emphasis on loggers and other communities who will benefit.
2015, Nov. 17 At Madison, WisDOT Annual Freight Railroad Conference, Peter Kammer of Wisconsin Railroad Association expresses antipathy for public ownership of railcars.
2015, Nov. 16 Proposed 2016 Q1 agenda submitted to WCGroup Steering Committee.
2015, Nov. 12 CN/WCGroup, consultation task group call-in, finalize immediate agenda, proposed agenda for 2016 Q1.
2015, Nov. 6 At O'Hare, CN/WCGroup, consultation task group, brainstorming session.
2015, Oct. 13 Anticipated date for CN/WCGroup consultation at PCA, Lake Forest, Il.
2015, Sept. 25 Northwoods Rail Transit Commission meeting, WCGroup presentation.
2015, Sept. 9 "WCGroup Branch Line Projects 2015-2016, Looking at the Region from a Branch Line Perspective," post map.
2015, Sept. 4 Sen. Baldwin Transportation Roundtable, at Sun Prairie, presentation on railroad industry competitiveness for non-captive truck-competitive freight.
2015, Aug. 31 Request consultation with CN re overall collaborative effort.
2015, July-Aug. Consultations with individual WCGroup stakeholders re log cars, funding options and other considerations for preservation of northwoods branch lines.
2015, July 7 WI State Budget passed without $4.8 million earmark for log cars.
2015, June 4 Log car TIGER VII grant application filed: $13.8 million total project: $4.8, TIGER; $4.8, WI; $3.0, MI; and $1.2, CN.
2015, May ... Communications re log car funding and preparation of grant application.
2015, May 4 Log car TIGER VII Pre-Application files, $13.8 million total project: $4.8, TIGER; $4.8, WI; $3.0, MI; and $1.2, CN.
2015, April 16 NRTC meeting, confirm TIGER VII application and MI and WI funding objectives.
2015, April 9 At Green Bay, Cong. Ribble Transportation Summit, presentation on intermodal and log car relationship; meet CN and TIGER VII consultant, confirm engagement.
2015, April 6 TIGER VII process begun, log cars; initiate Michigan participation contacts.
2015, Mar. 18 At Green Bay, Log Committee meeting (Intermodal Committee participation invited) including: GLFR Log Fleet funding, WI Freight Rail Preservation, anticipated TIGER 2015, potential for MI participation; status of Initial Projects and Northwoods Actionable Shipper Data, targeted outreach.
2015, Feb. 26 NRTC Actionable Shipper Data Committee call-in, agreement on steps for building an outreach contacts network, development of introductory briefing materials.
2015, Feb. 6 At WisDOT, Madison, Counsel, WMC and WI Counties Assoc. meet with Administrator, WisDOT Division of Transportation Investment Management and WisDOT Counsel re FRPP application and legislation to permit FRPP funding of log cars.
2015, Feb. 2 Federal System for Award Managment, update Northwoods Rail Transit Commission's account for TIGER VI grant application.
2015, Jan. 30 WI Freight Rail Preservation Program ("FRPP") log car application filed with WisDOT, $4.8 million FRPP funding to be matched by $1.2 million to be funded by CN, total 50 log cars, $6 million.
2015, Jan. 21 At WMC, consultation with WI County Highway Assoc., WI Counties Assoc., and Great Lakes Timber Professionals Assoc. re GLFR log car project, FRPP funding.
2015, Jan. 16 NRTC meeting (via video conference), adopt resolution for TIGER VII and WI Freight Rail Preservation Program ("FRPP") log car applications; approve letter to Governor Walker in support of funding FRPP at $60 million.
2015, Jan. 15 At Oak Brook IL, CN Advisory Board meeting. Confirm consensus on TIGER VII and WI FRPP log car grant applications, support for consultant. Discuss project priorities including Actionable Shipper Data ("ASD") outreach, L'Anse-Barago work plan, potential for MI particvipation in log car funding.
2014, Dec. 11 North Central WI, East Central WI and Bay Lakes Regional Planning Commission (via call-in), initial joint consultation on rail projects and potential public grant funding including U.S. Economic Development Administration
2014, Dec. 10 Escanaba & Lake Superior accepts invitation to participate in CN/WCGroup Log Committee.
2014, Dec. 9 Log Committee meeting (via call-in only). Discuss and move toward consensus on log car fleet grant applications, retaining consultant

2014, Nov. 12

WisDOT Annual Rail Conference, meeting re potential Wausau LINC locations.
2014, Nov. 03 "Remote" intermodal, now, Local Intermodal Network Connections or "LINCs".
2014, Oct. 27 At WisDOT Madison, briefing session re Freight Rail Preservation and loan program and log car fleet concept and work plan and restoring out-of-service segments (e.g. Ladysmith-Prentice, Rhinelander-Goodman, White Pine Line).
2014, Oct. 22 Great Lakes Forests Log Car Fleet, draft work plan.
2014, Oct. 19 Hayward Line, notice re substitute service by Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad, begin follow-up with stakeholders and CN.
2014, Oct. 10 At Rhinelander, Nicolet College, NRTC Meeting, presentation re 2015 projects, remote intermodal criteria and Actionable Shipper Data NRTC/WCGroup coordinated work plan, discussion re White Pine Line "discontinuance".
2014, Oct. 08 TIGER grant application debriefing (conference call) with USDOT evaluator Paul Baumer and NRTC TIGER working group.
2014, Oct. 03 At Appleton, Ribble-Shuster (Bill Shuster, Chr. House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee) Roundtable, cite CN/WCGroup collaborative model; staff follow-up re scheduling 3rd Biennial Great Lakes Forestry Policy Conference.
2014, Sept. 15 CN/WCGroup call-in conference, confirming criteria for establishing "remote" intermodal locations in the CN/WC Region.
2014, Aug. 26 At Warren, MI, 2nd Annual Michigan Rail Conference (sponsored by MI DOT, MI Tech Rail Transportation Program & NURail Center), participation and WCGroup presentation.
2014, Aug. 19 At WMC, Madison, conference with Escanaba & Lake Superior, explore potential means of facilitating "virtual single line service" at Duluth-Superior, Green Bay and Upper Peninsula interchanges.
2014, Aug. 4 At WMC, Madison, conference/call-in with Northwoods Rail Transit Commission Chair and others, means of implementing Actionable Shipper Data outreach, local coordination of shippers, public officials and development interests.
2014, July 25 At Rhinelander, Northwoods Rail Transit Commission meeting: Presentation by WisDOT Secretary Gottlieb; WCGroup presentation on Actionable Shipper Data Outreach, L'Anse-Baraga Subdivision - Work Plan and Duluth-Superior Gateway Logs - Work Plan.
2014, July 14 At Lake Geneva, CN Advisory Board. Discuss action plan, potential for combining general Actionable Shipper Data outreach wth targeting early establishment of remote intermodal and multipurpose transload locations and follow-up on potential alternative funding and additional options for a publicly owned Great Lakes Forests Log Car Fleet.
2014, July 1 L'Anse-Baraga Subdivision - Work Plan and Duluth-Superior Gateway Logs - Work Plan circulated.
2014, July 1 At Green Bay, 2014 Transportation Policy Conference, Cong. Reid Ribble (WI-8).
2014, June 25 At Madison, Canada-Wisconsin Relations, presentation by Counsel General Roy Norton, deliver WCGroup introduction and agenda.
2014, June 20 Consultation, Cosco Container Lines regarding Prince Rupert vessel routes and opportunities for WI intermodal locations for imports with optimized match-back.
2014, June 17 At Green Bay, meeting with The Stone Group regarding WI intermodal connection solutions for WI's food industry, reefer containers, in furtherance of collaborating with DATCP rail service initiative.
2014, June 12 Log Sub-Committee explores funding feasibility study and AAR certification converting beam to log cars and sets agenda for recovery of Actionable Shipper Data for capacity upgrades on L'Anse/Baraga Subdivision.
2014, June 5 At Green Bay, Log Committee: CN presentation on benchmarks for extremely light density branch lines; initiate Actionable Shipper Data collection for analysis of MN Arrowhead and Duluth-Superior gateway logs, including joint lien and 2-way loaded miles; explore options for L'Anse/Barago development; revisit log landing for Somerset and Plover areas; consider criteria for restoring out-of-service segments, public funding alternative beyond TIGER grant application.
2014, June 4 At Fox Valley Tech, Appleton, Intermodal Committee meeting, joined by Hon. Reid Ribble (WI-8). Initiate select sampling of Actionable Shipper Data Worksheet. Committee to reconvene 9/9/2014.
2014, June 4 At Appleton, "Future of Transportation II" with Hon. Reid Ribble (WI-8), sponsored by WI Counties Assoc., WI Transportation Development Assoc., and WI Transportation Builders Assoc.
2014, May 9 At Madison, Wisconsin Counties Association meeting regarding extending WCGroup participation.
2014, April 25 At Rhinelander NRTC meeting: Presentation of NRTC TIGER VI Grant Application for $14 million, with $4 million CN commitment, for 150 log cars at $18 million; discussion of considerations for future of Argonne-Crandon line and WCGroup efforts on Rhinelander-Goodman segment.
2014, April 14 WCGroup "Great Lakes Forests Log Car Fleet - Our Vision": add a minimum of 300 to 450 new log cars (2015-2017), beginning with 150 car TIGER VI grant; provide supply chain visibility portal; and integrate fleet to provide virtual single line service to the Great Lakes Forests Region.
2014, April 7 At Madison, WI Economic Development Corp., meeting regarding follow-up on log and intermodal projects, potential participation.
2014, March 21 At Rhinelander, joint CN and WCGroup presentation, NRTC adopts resolution to seek TIGER VI grant for log car fleet.
2014, March 7-10 CN expresses interest in TIGER VI funding for log cars; WCGroup responds with a concept for a public-owned Great Lakes Forests Log Car Fleet; communications with NRTC.
2014, Feb. 28 At Rhinelander, Northwoods Rail Transit Commission ("NRTC"), present ASD Worksheet and Confidentiality Agreement, objectives of out-of-service segments, "How the Railroad Can Help Fix Willow Road" and concept for flexible funding road and bridge maintenance dividend. (e.g., model, WI S.B. 31).
2014, Feb. 24-25 At Appleton and Green Bay, shipper visits regarding Intermodal and Log Committee participation; extend invitations; develop "routing protocols" concept for "virtual single line" service for logs.
2014, Feb. 1 Begin circulation of Confidentiality Agreement and "Actionable Shipper Data" Worksheet, experimentally, seeking additional comments.
2014, Jan. 27 At Madison, Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, follow-up regarding agriculture and food industry intermodal interests.
2014, Jan. 17

CN Advisory Board at Oakbrook, IL

  • Reviewed and approved "Actionable Shipper Data" ("ASD") Worksheet and Confidentiality Agreement from, outreach process to be developed;
  • Concluded that building business cases to restore service Ladysmith-Prentice and Rhinelander-Goodman are reasonable and agreed objectives;
  • Resolved for consideration of public funding assistance from any source, use TIGER grant methodology and benefit-cost standards.
2013, Dec. 12-13 At Madison, Governor’s Forestry Economic Summit presentation.
2013, Dec. 11 At Madison, NRTC and WCGroup meeting with WisDOT (anticipated) regarding project options.
2013, Nov. 13 At Madison, WisDOT Annual Freight Rail Conference, discussions regarding Northwoods Rail, future funding.
2013, Nov. 12 At Stevens Point, CN Depot, Log Committee meeting, identify three initial projects; discuss “pricing for Strategic Advantage.”
2013, Nov. 5 At Milwaukee, Governor’s Freight Industry Summit, presentation by J. Culotta, circulate “Success” and “Ahead” flyers.
2013, Oct. 25 At Green Bay, consult with Schneider National regarding intermodal interests and working committee.
2013, Oct. 9 At Madison, Wisconsin Freight Rail Day, contacts regarding CN/WCGroup agenda, circulate “Success” and “Ahead” flyers.
2013, Sept. 27 At Rhinelander, Northwoods Rail Transit Commission meeting regarding approval of interstate cooperation agreement and public sector freight.
2013, Sept. 5 At Homewood, IL, consult with CN regarding working committees and Advisory Board schedules and agendas.
2013, Aug. 22 Initial meeting of CN/WCGroup Log Committee.
2013, Aug. 9 At Green Bay, Cong. Ribble Transportation Policy Conference, participate with CN representative.
2013, Aug. 8 At Green Bay, CN/WCGroup Intermodal Committee meeting (in-person and call-in).
2013, July 8 At Lake Geneva, CN Advisory Board meeting (in-person and call-in).
2013, June 24 At Carter WI, 2nd Bi-Annual Great Lakes Forestry Policy, hosted by Cong. Benishek, Duffy, and Ribble, panel presentation by CN and CN/WCGroup Log Committee members.
2013, June 18 Initial CN/WCG Intermodal Committee meeting (call-in).
2013, June 6 Presentation of CN/WCGroup agenda to WI Counties Association, WI League of Municipalities, WI Towns Association, at invitation of Sen. Petrowski, WI Senate Transportation Committee Chair.
2013, May Update website, issue papers incl. “Public Benefits of Our Efforts.” Continue committee recruitment.
2013, April 18 At Rhinelander, “Pellet Industry Summit” – participate with CN and network with representatives of WI State Energy Office, CFIRE, WI Department of Agriculture, Trade etc. (export specialists).
2013, April 2-3 At Green Bay, CSCMP “State of Intermodal in Wisconsin” – participate/network, separate meetings with stakeholders & CFIRE (UW Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education).
2013, March 27 At Rhinelander, Northwoods Rail Transit Commission meeting, participate with CN representatives, discussion regarding WisDOT freight survey. Report on pro bono assistance regarding drafting and approval of “interstate cooperation agreement” to add Michigan counties to NRTC.
2013, March 27 At Rhinelander, meet with officers GLTPA, briefing on Log Committee, CN/WCGroup agenda.
2013, March 26 At Green Bay, Brown County Port/Rail Development Committee meeting, participate with CN representatives, discussion regarding intermodal location including freight and operational issues.
2013, March 5 At Sheboygan, LINKe transportation sub-committee and WI DATCP export specialists. Develop concept for potential use of shipper association model for drayage serving the CN/WC Region.
2013, Jan. 23 At Oakbrook IL, CN Advisory Board meets (in-person and call-in) and directs recruitment two initial working committees “Log” and “Intermodal.”
2012, Dec. 12 Initial meeting CN Advisory Board (call-in), discuss potential projects, schedule in-person meeting.
2012, Sept. 7 At Oshkosh, Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association, Board of Directors; present CN/WCGroup 2012 Joint Projects Initiative, Log Project. Announce agreement on creation of CN Advisory Board.
2012, Sept. 4 At PCA, Lake Forest IL, meeting with Canadian National (including VP Marketing), agreement on creation of Canadian National Advisory Board – Great Lakes Region, a/k/a CN Advisory Board.
2012, Jan. & May Agreement on 2012 Joint Projects Initiative and, for first time, identify effort as a “collaboration”; “Contact Committee” to negotiate with Canadian National, defining “collaboration” and “projects.”
2011, June 7 At Wausau, meeting with Canadian National representatives (marketing, operations, public affairs), Domtar, NewPage, Wausau Papers, PCA, WI Paper Council – CN to compete on all CN/WC lines.
2011, Feb. & June WCGroup comments and appears (Washington, D.C.) in STB Dockets EP-704, Review of Commodity, Box Car and TOFC/COFC Exemptions, and EP-705, Competition in the Railroad Industry.
2010, June WCGroup name adopted, Steering Committee organized, explore seeking regulatory relief from the Surface Transportation, rail service & competition.




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