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For Logs - More Cords, Fewer Truck Miles
For the Region - Rail Competition for Non-Captive, Truck-Competitive Freight

Our 2019-2020 Campaign? 10/15/2018

Our Purpose:
To advance safety, efficiency and competitiveness of freight logistics and, thus, the economic development and well being of the people and communities of the Great Lakes Forests Region.

Our Objective:
To facilitate establishing supply chain visibility for, and optimization of, and access to sustainable rail competition for the transportation of: (a) wood fiber from stump and woods to mills and other consumer locations; and (b) all forest products and other commodities trucked over the road to, from and within the Great Lakes Forests Region.

Data Co-op Project, Michigan Tech and LSSA, 2018-2019

Classic Co-op Shippers Association - What is it?

WI FRIIP-Intermodal - 2020

WisDOT Northwoods Assessment 2020

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