Surface Transportation Board

CN/WC/Watco STB Docket Nos. FD 36503, FD 36504 and FD 36506


Competition in the Railroad Industry - WCGroup Position Summary

Alternative Action Before the Surface Transportation Board

STB EP 704-1, WCG Comments 7/25/2016

STB EP 704, Exemptions from Regulation

STB EP 704, WCG Statement

STB EP 704, WCG Testimony 2/24/2011

STB EP 705, Competition in the Railroad Industry, Initial Notices

STB EP 705, WCG's Initial Comments

STB EP 705, WCG Testimony 6/22/2011

STB EP 705, Hearing Report and Testimony as Presented June 23, 2011

STB FD 34000 CN and WC System Maps 2001

STB FD 34000 WC Line Density Map 2000

STB FD 35476 WCG's Petition to Revoke Exemption

STB FD 35476 WisDOT's Comments
























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