The State of Intermodal Transportation in Wisconsin,
    CSCMP Northeast Wisconsin Roundtable, Green Bay, 4/3/2013.
    Posted 05/16/2013

    WCGroup counsel and WMC/WCGroup transportation liaison, Jason Culotta, attended. The keynote presentation, by TTX, provided global and specific insights on “Intermodal Trade and Industry Trends”. “Intermodal Options in Wisconsin” examined WI intermodal services from shipper, dray, third-party and railroad (CN) perspectives. “Intermodal Developments and Equipment Access” addressed how intermodal networks and services in WI have evolved, concluding with a presentation of “Intermodal Demand in Northeast Wisconsin,” including more detail on the shipper survey and conclusion presented to the Brown County Port/Rail Committee on 3/26/2013.

    From our Wisconsin Central Group perspective, several take-aways from the presentations, discussion and networking at this event:

    • Drayage for service to WI intermodal loading/unloading locations, as well as gateways such as Chicago area intermodal terminals and connections, needs to be visible to shippers as a single network. A shipper association model may be appropriate.
    • Rail capacity at WI intermodal loading/unloading locations, particularly remote locations, must be visible to shippers, transparent to the level cut-off schedules, including dray time, and OD blocks (rail capacity) by day.
    • “More loads, fewest dray miles feasible” is our mantra, but with full diversion capability and capacity for “hot” loads.
    • On CN/WC light density northern lines, flex landings for logs may be organized and built as multi-purpose transloads for public and private freight.
    • TTX should be explored as a potential resource for proper log cars ($30,000 to $40,000 per unit converted and rebuilt) leased or owned by the Railroad or as a joint-ownership car pool.














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