Northwoods Rail Transit Commission — WisDOT Economic Study, Meeting Upcoming 7/26/2013
Posted 07/18/2013

We expect to submit a request for approval of NRTC's "Restated Articles of Organization and Interstate Cooperation Agreement" to Governor Walker and Attorney General Van Hollen in advance of NRTC's meeting 7/26/2013. WMC TransCom's assisted, pro bono, in developing the legal documents to extend NRTC that organizational work related to adding Michigan counties to the NRTC membership may proceed approval.

The agenda for the NRTC's July 26, 2013 meeting includes presentation of the final draft of WisDot's rail market study report, discussion about rail spur mapping, as well as a report on submission of the interstate cooperation agreement.

WisDOT shared details of the shipper survey included in its study. We expect WisDOT's further report will assist work of the CN/WCGroup's Log and Intermodal Committees. For CN's development of a plan to prioritize and systematically develop additional density on the lines, we believe detailed origin-destination data is needed from interested shippers. This effort is on WCGroup's agenda and the agendas for upcoming meetings of the CN/WCGroup Log and Intermodal Committees.






















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